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About Julie

Julie was born and raised in New York City. She is a graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelor's of Science Degree. Julie moved from New York to Wilmington, North Carolina in 1992. She now lives in Wilmington with her husband Ed and son Logan.


Julie had 2 dogs before she met Ed, her second husband – a Beagle/Corgi mix named Trixie who passed away in 2015 and a Dachshund named Alice. In 2005 they added Cleo – a Lab/Whippet mix to their pack.   In 2016 Julie and Ed got their newest addition to their pack – Jacques – a Boston Terrier/Amstaff Mix.


Julie always wanted a Therapy Dog so she decided to enroll Cleo in obedience classes. After several different facilities, she found Einstein’s K-9. Cleo was very shy and skittish but with a lot of work and help she eventually became the Therapy Dog Julie always wanted. Julie and Cleo have been a Therapy Dog Team at New Hanover Regional Medical Center since 2009.


After taking classes at Einstein’s K9 Julie began her mentorship with Patrice Kaizar – a well known and respected trainer and handler. She and her Dobermans are well known in the Obedience, Agility and Rally circles. Julie started teaching on her own at Einstein’s K9 in 2007.


In October 2016, Patrice Kaizar, owner of Einstein’s K-9 relocated to New Jersey. Julie and Ed decided to “take the leap” and start their own business “Einstein’s Canine College”. When Julie is not training dogs and their people she works at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in the Infection Prevention & Control Department.


Unfortunately we lost both Cleo and Alice in 2021.

But we have added Zoey to our pack!


  • Past member Hanover Kennel Club
  • American Red Cross Pet First Aid – since 2012
  • Member American Trieball Association (ATA) – since 2013
  • Professional Member Association Professional Dog Trainers #8551 (APDT) – since 2014
  • Approved American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #38829 – since 2009
  • Owner/Handler of 3 CGC and CGC-A Dogs (Cleo, Jacques and Zoey)
  • Owner/Handler of 2 AKC Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Trick Dogs (Cleo and Jacques)
  • Owner/Handler of AKC Therapy Dog
  • Therapy Dogs International Assistance Dog Certified – since 2009
  • Cleo achieved her TDIAV (150 Therapy Dog Visits) - January 2017
  • Approved Therapy Dogs International Evaluator #1210– since 2012
  • Member National Association Canine Scent Works – since 2014
  • Professional Member IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) #7881
  • Former Trainer for Pets for Vets - Cape Fear Chapter (chapter closed in 2023)
  • Certified Pet Emergency First Aid and CPR - March 2018
  • Certified Advanced Pet Emergency First Aid and CPR - August 2019
  • Certified Pet Outdoor & Wilderness Emergency First Aid - October 2022
  • Certified Professional Member of The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors #1131 - Since 2017
    • NADOI Certified Puppy and Novice Professional - December 2018
    • Voted Vice President of NADOI - January 2022
Seminars, Workshops and Other Stuff:
  • Annual Paw Jam, Bark in The Park – Hanover Kennel Club Education and Safety Booth
  • Annual Community Health Fair in Independence Mall with Cleo
  • Attended Ian Dunbar’s 2 day seminar “Learning Through Games” in 2013
  • Attended Jacy Kelley’s 2 day seminar “Vehicle and Exterior Searches” in 2014
  • Attended Jacy Kelley’s 2 day seminar “Exterior: Hunting the Harbor” in 2015
  • Attended Tony Gravely’s 2 day seminar “Search Like a Pro” in 2016
  • Attended Michael Shikashio and Trish McMillan's 2 Day seminar "Aggression in Dogs:  Defensive Handling & Training" in November 2020
  • Certificate of Achievement: Herm Springer Prong Collar Knowledge Assessment - June 2021
  • Attended Nelson Hodges 2 day workshop "Relationship Based Behavior Modification Level 1" in February 2020
  • Attended Nelson Hodges 2 day workshop "Art of Leash Handling & Understanding" in May 2021
  • Attended Nelson Hodges 9 Day workshop "Relationship Based Behavior Modification Level 2" in April 2022
  • Attended Larry Krohn 2 Day Workshop - April 2022
  • Attended Canine Kinaesthetics Movement Markers Workshop with Maryna Ozuna - April 2023

Samantha Stevens

Samantha Stevens originally born in England was an only child and she began dog training at the early age of seven, while living in Spain, when she erected obstacle courses for her 3 dogs to complete (now formerly known as agility). She spent all other spare time volunteering at the nearby stables and watching horses train for bull fighting and dressage.


Later in life she spent weekends helping out at her aunt’s horse and general menagerie farm. Finally once attaining the freedom of adulthood began training/fostering with service dogs for the blind; fostering dogs from puppies, before they went on to more specified training and becoming service animals.


In 2000 she moved from France and attended UNCW; graduating. In 2003 she fostered and started training a dog (Little Star of Bethlehem, AKA Star) for Carolina Canines, together they graduated UNCW and walked the stage, with a Bachelor’s of Science. Star soon moved on to fulfill her lifelong ambition as a service animal and was outstanding in her role.


Samantha Stevens then joined the NC Rottweiler Rescue first adopting a dog and then becoming a foster parent and very quickly becoming their rehabilitation trainer - specializing in fixing behavioral issues and teaching basic obedience to prepare dogs to be great family pets. At that time it was not unusual for her to walk 10 dogs at a time around her neighborhood or at Greenfield Lake. NCRR was the largest Rottweiler rescue on the East Coast with over 135 dogs in the rescue at its peak, and after having rehabilitated and fostered many dogs for the rescue she withdrew from her role in 2008.


From that time on she has provided the occasional private dog training session and often walks between 6 and 12 dogs at once around the Lake. In 2017 she met Julie Benoit and offered up her foster dog to be a Pets for Vets companion animal. Since then she has fostered, trained and worked with Julie to place three dogs with Veterans (Cape Fear Chapter closed 2023)..



· Owner/Handler of 3 rehabilitated dogs


· Former Trainer for Pets for Vets - Cape Fear Chapter (chapter closed in 2023)


· Certified Pet Emergency First Aid and CPR - March 2018

Garrett Fredericks

Ever since Garrett was a little boy family, friends, and neighbors would rely on him to walk, or take care of theirs four legged pals! Fast forward 20 something years, at 30 years young it wasnt until he walked through the doors of Einsteins Canine Collage with a 10 week old Belgian Malinois that needed some serious attention obedience wise. Stella, Garrett’s Belgian Malinois is now on her way to be a human remains cadaver dog. Julie had had a keen eye for talent and passion and offered Garrett an opportunity that would change the course of his life. Fast forward almost 2 years and multiple certifications later including canine CPR, and The Art of Leash Handling from the Canine Human Relationship Institute. Garrett’s Philosophy is all communication based. Setting up a simple and fair line of communication of yes’s and no’s. Once the dog understands that; all is possible. He knows that each dog is different, and he works with you to provide both leadership and guidance to set your dog up for success that will create lasting change! Whether you just got a new dog or you’ve had your four legged buddy for years and maybe have some behavior issues. Garrett will you give you professionalism and a peace of mind.

  •     Canine and Feline CPR certification 2021/ Certificate #- 1738
  • Art of Leash Handling & Understanding ; Canine-Human Relationship Institute 2021
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